Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What's going at the Roseland Hospital?

[VIDEO] Perhaps it's time to look at Roseland Hospital a little more closely. Yesterday's post I focused on the financial picture officials at the hospital alleged that the state owed them money. It's been reported over the years that the state hasn't paid social service providers at the very least.

Well there's more to this story than that. It's also alleged that the hospital has mismanaged their financial resources. Whatever is going on at the Roseland the threat is out there that they may close and also forced to transfer their patients to other nearby hospitals.

All the same, this situation cost the President of the hospital her job. While it seems she was the one who pointed the finger to Gov. Pat Quinn others may point the finger at her for the financial mismanagement at the hospital. Tuesday was her last day at work and has reportedly tendered her resignation weeks ago according to ABC 7. However, it was reported that she had been escorted from the hospital although sources there claim that isn't true. Of course being escorted sends a different message than tendering a resignation long in advance.

Also, the Tribune wrote more about the financial picture of the hospital. The ex-President of Roseland Hospital's financial numbers were disputed it was estimated at first the state owed the privately run hospital $6 million, but later issued a statement as inaccurate. The state had issued an advance supplemental payment of $958,240 to the hospital.

In the meanwhile, it's reported that state officials have been meeting with the administration of Roseland Hospital for the last six weeks. Also as a result of this news there was a rally that took place outside the Thompson Center and of course protests near the hospital as well in fact one was reported on late last month by ABC 7.

Let's hope the hospital will remain afloat. Especially for the ones who need health care services and doesn't have insurance. Especially for those who need emergency care in a short amount of time. What's especially noted is Roseland's crime rate and as a result the need for emergency care before going to another hospital for further treatment.

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