Sunday, June 30, 2013

When Chatham Comes Together

Earlier today I received this letter

On June 27, 2013 at approximately 6:00 p.m a rushing thunderstorm violently pushed its way through the city.
The storm lasted about 10 minutes before the sky became clear again, but the after affects were
devastating.  It looked like a tornado had touched down.  On the block of 86th and Rhodes a tree was split, which fell
in the street and travel going south bound was impossible.  311 was called, but all lines were busy. It was no use trying to get through
and even if they did answer, it would take days before a crew would come and cut the tree and branches that blocked the street.

However, MEN, that's right real MEN gathered and developed a strategic plan in order to move the tree and the branches
out of the street.  One man went and got his electric saw, the others got hand saws and two had power saws.  The MEN on the block
of 86th and Rhodes went to work.  It was the most amazing thing I have witnessed in quite a while.  The scene was powerful.  Real men
coming together in a crisis situation and solving a problem.  We didn't wait, we acted like men and took charge.  Women came out of their houses and were galvanized by watching men come together, take control and solve a problem..  It was heart moving to some, but normal and expected from men. We were all on one accord. My heart is filled with joy and confidence knowing that I live around some black men, real men, responsible men, caring men who stepped up for the call the of duty.  I salute every man, both young and old who championed collectively for moving the tree and branches.
It was some hard work but that's what men do, "Work", Labor, Fight for what is right , and come together for a common cause.
These stories don't only occur on the North Side and in neighborhoods filled with white men. No, this story and many other stories just like this one happen daily in the black community with black men who care.  It's just time for me to share this story for the men who live in my "HOOD"/Neighborhood.  It's time to share the story, especially in a day when negativity, disrespect and not being valued as a black man has become the norm.  It's time to highlight the positive things the black men do in our community in order to lift them up and to let them know that they are appreciated.  To the men that helped on that day, June 27, 2013,  Praise the Lord you mighty men of valor.
Love and Respect: Black Men,
Rev. Dr. Marc A. Robertson 

What do you think?

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