Thursday, August 29, 2013

Can Domino's Pizza Make it the Second Time Around

On a recent visit to the local Chase bank branch at 82nd Cottage Grove, I noticed that the adjacent community room had paper on the window and a Dominos Pizza sign above it. I was taken back because Dominos opened  several years ago directly across the street on the west side of Cottage Grove. The store stayed opened approximately 1 year and closed.

Recently, there was quite a bit of after the fact discourse about the relocation of Dunkin Donuts to 87th Vernon. So I took the time to write a statement to Dominos. My statement is as follows:

I'm a resident of the Chatham community in Chicago and noticed that you are planning to open a new store at 82nd Cottage Grove. The store is directly across the street from a store you previously operated that failed. I'm  concerned that this store will not succeed based on your current menu options, that I do not feel will be appealing to my neighbors and lack of outreach to my community regarding employment and management opportunities. Unless there are some changes I see this ending up like the first store.
 I felt that the time to complain and ask for changes to the standard model is before a store opens and not after everything is inked. While the store is officially located in the 8th ward and not the 6th, they must get business from the 6th to stay in business.

The Dominos today is different from the previous store as the corporation was sold and they have made attempts to change their menu to attract a more diverse customer base. That is why I do not feel that its not a problem to ask them to sell alternative crust( whole, wheat, gluten free, etc), alternative protein(chicken, turkey, etc) and other options that would answer the "healthy" issue that many are asking for. Also, I believe that they should hire locally and our children should have opportunities to work in the community.

So far Dominos has not responded to my email and I have not been notified by any of our community organizations or Alderman that they have been contacted. I plan to contact them again and if they do not respond then I will respond by not spending my money at their location. So what do you think?

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  1. I do believe there should be some type of community outreach as far as some type of employment opportunities for the community, but if a business wants to be selective in who they hire it should not have a bearing on business, Also if you do not like what is on the menu don't buy it, everyone is not concerned or on health kicks. Futhermore we have chinese restraurants that do not have the community working in there establishments but we spend all our money getting our feet, nails, eyes, etc done so why pick on Domino's give them a break & a chance.


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