Thursday, September 12, 2013

ABC7: Mayor Emanuel works to repair image in African-American community

Charles Thomas reports on the mayor's efforts to repair his relationship with the Black community:
If polls suggest the mayor's popularity among African-Americans has slipped, he's working hard to repair the damage.

The mayor began his day surrounded by African-American business leaders and politicians promoting a September 21st football game to benefit historically black colleges.

"This game is about the community. So the mayor supports it because it's an example of what you can do," said Everett Rand, Chicago Football Classic.

"Most importantly it's about the dedication we all have to making sure every child goes to college," said Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Minutes later, Emanuel proposed re-naming Stony Island Avenue in honor of a religious and civil rights leader, the late Bishop Arthur M. Brazier.

"Bishop Brazier is larger than life in the African American Community on the South Side. He's made tremendous contributions to our community," said Ald. Michelle Harris, 8th Ward.

"In my view the street naming is a small tribute for somebody who's done big things," said Mayor Emanuel.

After winning 59% of the black vote in 2011, worsening crime, unemployment and school closings have raised questions about Emanuel's image.

"More substantive work needs to be done as it relates to economic empowerment in our neighborhoods," said Ald. Roderick Sawyer, 6th Ward.

Also this month, the mayor has promised a Whole Foods store in Englewood, delivered a bus line to the new Pullman Walmart within hours, and appears to have made good on a promise last spring to involve more black workers on the Red Line reconstruction.

"I don't know his political motivation if there is one behind it so I'm not going to speculate as to that," said Ald. Roderick Sawyer, 6th Ward.
It's not that long now before the next mayoral election. Worlee even speculated about the timing of the Whole Foods Market coming to Englewood, perhaps there was some politics considered with that timeline. Of course this all depends on who might make the Mayor sweat in 2015.

Who could credibly step up to the plate and run against him then? And hopefully they've started the groundwork right now.

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  1. It's another Fast Eddie move! Trader Joe's would have been a better fit for Englewood given the income levels of residents currently there. Trader Joe's gives you the same organic fruits and vegetables, plus all of the healthy food fare that Whole Foods gives without breaking the bank. But did the mayor come or send ambassadors out to RAGE and other Englewood groups or churches to get their input first? Probably not! Most residents probably would have said Walmart first! Or a version of the Jewel in the Loop near Lake street that is a cheaper version of Whole Food for the white folks.

    Like always, Big Poppa doesn't care to hear what we think because he knows, like Mayor Daley knew, that black voters can be blinded by the light and distracted. Shoppers from Chatham and Park Manor are not going to shop there when the Hyde Park Whole Food is all in. Why shop at a wannabe, watered down version.

    Oh well, another replay of a "Fast Eddie" takes place because we keep voting in black aldermen who are only concerned about their jobs and don't look out for their communities. Baa, baa––black sheep––all of them follow our new mayor like they followed Daley.

    So Big Poppa knows they won't dare put up a fight. And since we won't move them out of office to get new aldermen folks to challenge him, we are told what we must accept!


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