Sunday, October 13, 2013

Where are the Streets and Sanitation Supervisors

Lately, there have been some complaints about garbage pickup and other Street and Sanitation issues in the ward. This past Monday,at the Park Manor Neighbors Community Council meeting Alderman Roderick Sawyer stated that Street and Sanitation supervisor Mr. Paul Bryson has been assigned additional duties of working a Safe Passage route in Roseland (120th Michigan), by the head of Streets and Sanitation. Mr. Bryson is not the only Streets and Sanitation supervisor working "Safe Passage" and Alderman  Sawyer is not the only Alderman upset about not having a full time supervisor. 

DNA Info wrote an article about how several northside(Yes, northside) Alderman are not happy. Here is a portion of the article.

City workers from 15 agencies, including Streets and Sanitation and the Department of Transportation, are only being used on Safe Passage routes in initial back-to-school efforts, Miranda said.
They are not trained like Safe Passage workers are, but are fulfilling a different role, McCaffrey said. They provide services along the route and report unusual activity, he said.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy touted the collaboration earlier this year as a commitment to the safety of students, with Emanuel saying the route's staffing could be maintained.
But the $15.7 million plan has been criticized as mismanaged, poorly planned and unsustainable by the Chicago Teachers Union and City Council's Progressive Caucus, including Waguespack.
Although the city said employees still work in the field while manning Safe Passage routes, Waguespack said North Side workers sometimes must make long commutes to South or West Side schools in the morning and afternoon, leaving little time to clear service requests in a designated ward.
There's a "huge cost" to sending city employees places they're not normally assigned to, Waguespack said.
City employees are also paid more than the $10 an hour of Safe Passage workers. Streets and Sanitation ward superintendents earn an average salary of $88,733, or about $42.60 an hour. Building inspectors earn an average of $90,517, or about $43.50 an hour.
The 44th Ward superintendent, who has been helping with routes, earns $106,884 a year.

Read the entire article here  DNA Info.

My question is what happened to the money that was given to the non profits and churches who were suppose to man this program? Hmmm, another waste of taypayers money? What do you think?

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