Monday, November 25, 2013

FOX Chicago: `Shop Talk` series hopes to spark solutions in Englewood

[VIDEO] I really wanted to post this before the post that had been in the works featuring the Southtown Theater that once stood near 63rd/Halsted. This story from FOX Chicago had aired Friday night and feature an event hosted by the Resident Association of Greater Englewood. Basically RAGE hosted a forum inside of a barbershop.

Let me thrown this out there, if any of you are familiar with the film Barbershop you may already know what the idea behind this event. At a barbershop people like to talk and why not have a forum where people talking and where politicians sit in such as 6th Ward Ald. Roderick Sawyer in this video.

While, I'm sure there will be other events such as this hosted by RAGE going forward. What you see above was discussing Whole Foods Market coming to neighborhood in 2016. That store recently got the go ahead from a city planning commission recently.

Here's hoping other neighborhood organizations are looking into hosting events such as this in their neighborhood barbershops/salons in the future. No matter what neighborhood you reside in there are important issues worth discussing in your area.

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  1. 6 to 10 people talking is a think tank or a strategy meeting. Let's not be naive! To provoke change in Chicago and among state, or county politicians you need resident numbers for impact. Did the mayor ask Englewood community groups if they even wanted a "Whole Foods?"

    And we better pay attention regarding the one thing white folks do better than us...keep their cards close to their vest. There's nothing like a blow you don't see coming! Our communities need cameras rolling now only when incumbent Chicago, state or county politicians, who aren't listening to our communities' needs and wants, are being declared losers in the 2014, upcoming elections.


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