Tuesday, November 12, 2013

State Representative Andre Thapedi Proposes Englewood Violent Crimes Task Force

On  November 4, 2013 at the monthly Park Manor Neighbors Community Council meeting(PMNCC)  Representative Andre Thapedi (32nd District)
came to update his constituents on what was happening in Springfield. One of the updates Rep. Thapedi spoke on was his proposal to have the Illinois State Police co police the areas 1 mile east and west of the Dan Ryan expressway. He stated that the governor was in favor of the proposal but Mayor Rahm Emanuel was indifferent and Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department, Garry MCCarthy was vehemently opposed. Per Thapedi Mr. McCarthy's opposition is based on a 1970's study conducted in Kansas City, Mo. that states that additional police presence does not deter crime.

So in an effort to support his proposal Thapedi has proposed a bill (HBJ0055) that would establish the Englewood Violent Crime Task Force.  The task force would engage in the following Creates the Englewood Violent Crime Task Force to: (1) study and determine the causes of violent crime in Englewood and nearby affected communities; (2) study and determine the feasibility of deploying the Illinois State Police to Englewood and nearby affected communities and neighborhoods; (3) develop a comprehensive long-term solution to the effect of violent crime in the Englewood and nearby affected communities; (4) recommend a plan of action to substantially reduce the incidents of violent crime in Englewood and nearby affected communities; and (5) draft any necessary legislation and make any necessary recommendations for appropriations to place the plan of action into immediate effect.
The bill is co-sponsored by both Representative Esther Golar(6th) and Elgie Sims(34th) and others. The task force would be made up of representative from the governor's and mayor's office, Illinois and Chicago police departments, representatives from University of Illinois(UIC) and Chicago State University (CSU) and the community.

Mr. Thapedi also used this to announce that he would nominate Mrs. Darlene Tribute, President of PMNCC as the community representative. Mr. Thapedi's announcement was met with some criticism as there were individuals who opposed the governor and mayor offices being part of the task force. Others felt that there should be more community representatives although they did not oppose Mrs. Tribute being on the committee they felt that community organizations from Greater Grand Crossing/Englewood would not support Mrs. Tribute. Rep. Thapedi stood firm behind his decisions and stated that he wanted everyone on board so a solution(s) to the crime problem could be found but could not appoint representatives from every community organization.

For more information on HBJ0055 check here

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