Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Get a free popcorn, for donating a coat at Chatham 14 Theaters

Photo Credit: DNAinfo/Wendell Hutson
Until December 20, 2013 if you donate a coat that's either new/clean but gently used please drop it off in the Chatham 14 lobby. The cineplex is located at 210 W. 87th Street and not only are they accepting coats they want toy donations as well. According to this article from DNA Info:
For every new or "gently"' used coat donated during the theater's first annual winter coat drive, the theater will give away a voucher good for a large popcorn.

Venisha White-Johnson, director of operations for the Chatham 14 Theaters, said while the theater has done food drives in the past, the coat drive started after she saw so many kids coming to the movies in shoddy jackets.

"I see kids coming to the theater with coats too small, worn out and in some cases not suitable for cold weather," she said. "Times are hard for everyone, especially single mothers, so having a coat drive seemed more appropriate."

The donations are being accepted daily 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. through Dec. 20 at the theater at 210 W. 87th St. A voucher that can be redeemed anytime is given for every coat donated, and there is no limit to how many coats a person can donate.
Well we call for donations to food pantries this year, and now donations for winter coats. More than one way to provide a blessing for someone this holiday season!


  1. How ridiculous! Free popcorn for a donated coat! If the Chatham 14 Theaters were really trying to be sincere in their efforts, they would have offered a better incentive than a free popcorn. It's just a pathetic ploy to look like they are doing something for the holidays. If you truly wanted folks to support an effort, Mr. Chatham 14, then why not have given 50% off of your next movie ticket if you give a coat! Or a free hot dog, coke and large popcorn if you give a donated, gently used coat. My goodness, some business people really think black folks don't have a brain! I say support other businesses that really are being sincere, generous and helpful! Mr. Chatham 14 and his senior staff are business idiots!

  2. Hey, Mr. Chatham 14, why not offer free movie tickets for Xmas to the local elementary schools? Why not give Ruggles, Pirie, Neal or Dixon elementary schools some free ticket comps so the principals could use them as education incentives–– or rewards. Why don't you spend your own money that you make off of our community support. Cheapskates, money suckers!

    1. With all do respect, thanks for your comments. I suggest you take this up with the Chatham 14 instead of complaining in the comments section of a blog. I'm sure they would consider giving some tickets to the local schools.

  3. What is ridiculous. Either you want to give a coat or not. If you have to get free tickets to give then you are giving for the wrong reason. The coat drive is in conjunction with the toy and bike giveaway. As far as local students receiving free tickets, its apparent the commenter is not informed well. The local elementary schools attend FREE events all the time at the theater as well as Mrs. White Johnson in her role as a director of Variety Clubs Illinois ensures a number of events are funded that benefit our young people. Lastly, go to the ICON or Harper Theaters and attempt to have a fundraiser, you will find the answer is NO. Our local, churches and NFP's are able to host fundraisers at Chatham 14.

    If the commenters point is to continue the discussion about who owns the theater, they need to get over it and move on because both parties involved in the dispute have.


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