Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Kotkin: The revolt against urban gentry

I'm sure this sentiment exists in this city although it seems this article from Joel Kotkin at New Geography talks about New York City. To be sure look no further than this video to see if this sentiment exists in the city. Now let's talk about solutions and this paragraph spoke:
Equally important, cities need to shift away from the gentry urbanist fixation on the dense urban core and focus on more diverse neighborhoods. As more workers labor from home, and make their locational decisions based on factors like flexible hours and time with family, cities need to stop viewing neighborhoods as bedrooms for downtown, and begin to envision them as their own generators of wealth and value. The era of the office building has already peaked, and increasingly employment, even in cities, will become dispersed away from the cores.
I was walking downtown with a friend who was a bit upset that along the "Magnificent Mile" you see multiple police officers on every block. It makes sense to protect downtown as it's the main tourist attraction of our city. But my friend's point was that they have all these officers downtown, but they don't want to have the same dedication in the neighborhoods.

The last paragraph suggests that somehow the neighborhoods have to become tan ecomonic engine in their own right almost equal to downtown Chicago. You should read the whole article.

Hat-tip Instapundit!

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