Sunday, January 26, 2014

Novel Idea: Let's Give Charters To Parochial Schools

Last week the Chicago Public Schools approved 7 new charter schools. Most of the charters approved are in neighborhood that have adequate schools and in some cases such as in Chatham high performing schools. The Concepts Charter School - Horizon Science Academy to be located at 8522 S Lafayette has ties to several  religious organizations . In the beginning charters were offered to non religious organizations so there would be a separation of church and state. Since the lines of church and state as well as public and private have been blurred we need to cut to the chase and do what some want to do in the long run. The hostile takeover of education is going on and the setting up a way for the investment bankers to securitize education and reap millions of dollars.

The parochial or catholic school system has operated in the city of Chicago for more than a 100 years. It has been the only option in some communities and was the only alternative for some families who had poor performing Chicago Public Schools. Over the last several years with some Chicago Public Schools offering high performing schools such as Young, Payton, Jones, Brooks, etc it has made some catholic high schools pay model obsolete. Also, when Mr. Tim King, who attended the all boys school Mendel Catholic and was later the principal at the all boys school Hales Franciscan,  opened Urban Prep it basically doomed the all boys school pay model.

The remaining schools high schools such as Leo, Mt. Carmel, Hales Franciscan and Gordon Tech , etc and the host of elementary schools should be offered the option to become charter schools. It makes sense because most of these schools out perform Chicago Public Schools and operate schools in areas where CPS has closed schools and in some cases could take over buildings that have been left vacant by the last round of school closures.

Ultimately, the master plan is to have a master education system administered through CPS and since we are almost halfway there why not finally put "children first" and provide proven, stable environments operated by proven operators versus having operators with questionable backgrounds come out of no where and payoff politicians to get taxpayers money,waste it and not serve our young people.

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