Sunday, April 6, 2014

City Notes: Watch Chicago’s middle class vanish before your very eyes

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I'm sorry I missed this as this was shared on Friday via The Capitol Fax. The animated image you see above is a documentation of Chicago's shrinking middle-class since 1970. The middle-class areas are those you will see in grey. Bascially this map measures "each Census tract’s median family income as a percentage of the median family income for the Chicago metropolitan region as a whole".

It's interesting to read the comments on both sites although unfourtately CapFax has since closed their comments for the weekend. That doesn't mean we can't continue to discuss the many changes and the factors that cause the middle-class to leave the city.

BTW, last year I posted one factor why middle-class families move to the suburbs and then recently found another article which chronicled another city family who is leaving the city. These families blame CPS schools for their decision. Perhaps it's one reason amongst others and the City Notes post seeks to further explain the shrinkage.

Either way I'm sure there are plenty of ideas to discuss this issue.

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