Saturday, July 26, 2014

2015 election season is about to start...

6th & 9th wards redrawn
Recently some posts on the blog discussed the 2015 election as far as the mayoral race is concerned. A few candidates have declared with others who so far are either considering a run or otherwise just speculated. Many are unhappy with Rahm Emanuel - the current Mayor of Chicago - but he has a financial advantage and that may prove the difference. The question with the 2015 city election is how much anger directed at him could take him out of office in spite of his campaign money.

All the same the election would mainly boil down to the races for Chicago City Council in the various city wards which were redrawn early in 2012. As a result of that remap our future coverage of the 2015 city elections will involve both the 6th & 9th Wards.

We have several declared candidates for the 6th & 9th Wards so far. I've written about a candidate for 9th Ward Alderman and there are others who we have yet to talk about on this blog although we have mentioned them on some of our social media pages - namely The Sixth Ward & Concerned Citizens of Chatham FB pages.

As a matter of fact so far in the past week two candidates have announced for 9th Ward Alderman - Michael LaFargue announced at a West Chesterfield block party last Saturday - and we got a recent e-mail from another potential candidate in the 6th ward named Jesse Wallace. We hope to know much more about their and other candidacies for the 2015 city elections.

In the near future we will have a page up - as we did in 2011 where we largely focused on the 6th ward - which will show the candidates who have so far declared. We will list their campaign websites and their social media presence in hopes that it will allow you to make an informed decision.

Hopefully as the time comes near to circulate petitions and go through various stages of petition challenges we will have a better picture of who will be on the ballot for the 2015 ward races.

ALSO, if you are a candidate or know someone who is planning to run - by which we mean circulate petitions - feel free to reach out to us. Send us a quick e-mail at blog @ and reach out to us via our FB and Twitter pages.

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