Friday, December 19, 2014

Ruggles alum Demario Bailey will be remembered at the school today

We apologize for the late notice, but we just got this e-mail from Cee Powell of Greater Chatham Alliance. There is a memorial for Demario Bailey, who was tragically shot, simply for defending his brother. 

This event will start at 4pm today (an hour from publication of this event).

I'm sorry for the short notice, but things have been so hectic and I really thought I had sent this to you guys yesterday.  There will be a memorial held for Demario Bailey today.  Because Demario & Demacio have been members of the Ruggles family since Pre-k as well as the community his death has hit us all very hard...and Kendell LaRue being a Ruggles Alumi himself put together this memorial together to give the students at Ruggles as well as the community a way to pay trubute to Demario.  As you may know he still has an abundance of friends & staff members that could not make it to the memorials held at Johnson College Prep and we of his Ruggles family need to give our children an outlet to grieve and honor him.  I in particular because the twins adopted my daughter who's now 13 as their little sister and she was emotionally upset that she could not attend the memorials at Johnson Prep...which I thought was a wonderful thing on Kendells' part. both the school and I have talked to Delores and she was very touched by Kendell's actions.  So if you guys are available please come.

We hope to have more details soon.

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