Monday, December 29, 2014

Was your garbage unemptied last week?

I live the area between State and King, 83rd to 79th.  Our scheduled garbage pick-up is Wednesday, and Recyclables had recently been changed to Thursday.

However, the garbage was NOT picked up on Wednesday (Christmas Eve). I understand our recyclables not being picked up on Thursday due to Christmas. But since they hadn't been picked up the week before, I would have expected it to be done on Friday, Saturday at the latest.

Of ALL the weeks to NOT have service, this would be the worst. Due to boxes and wrapping paper, this would be the "ideal" time for recyclable pick up. And of course, garbage would increase, due to meals, preparation, and the like.

Is the garbage here still privately managed? If so, it's time for a new service!

And what will happen since a SECOND holiday is happening exactly a week later? Will they skip us again, or come today?

Please let us know if you have not had your garbage picked up, or if it was, did they come on time?


  1. My garbage was picked up on Tuesday. When I have a problem with the blue cart I dial 311 and I receive a return phone call from Waste Management.

  2. Another failing of our nepotism Alderman.....

    1. Actually,the Alderman's office referred me to Street & Sans, which promptly removed the garbage.

      However, they noted that the Blue Bin recycling was privately run, and so far, THAT is still not done...almost 3 weeks now!

      The Blue Bin privatization was the Mayor's doing....and the Alderman is part of the group that most often votes Against the mayor.

    2. The Blue Cart Recycling program was instituted during the Lyle administration. Overall I believe the program works well , while I had to put a note on a can because they skipped it several times and yes it would be nice if they picked up before Streets and Sanitation but overall they pick up the recyclables per the schedule.


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