Tuesday, January 20, 2015

#MBMHMC 6th Ward...104 votes

[VIDEO] This week Jahmal Cole takes time to interview the three candidates for 6th Ward Alderman in 2015 - incumbent Roderick Sawyer, previous candidate for Alderman in 2011 & police officer Richard Wooten, and finally former 6th Ward streets & sanitation superintendent Brian Garner. They all have their visions or perhaps reasons why they're running for Alderman.

The end of the video was most interesting as Sawyer discussed mainly what he hoped to do in the term he won by 104 votes in 2011 which was to clean up the issues of the 6th Ward. His next term he hopes to really work on issues of econonic development. Of course, he'd have to get through the 2015 elections.

Is anything said by Wooten, Garner, and Sawyer that would sway your vote next month?


  1. In your blog regarding Jamal Cole interviewing all three sixth ward aldermanic candidates Richard Wooten is referred to as a previous candidate and police officer. Mr. Wooten is a current candidate for the sixth ward, so please correct. You don't want to mislead your readers into thinking he dropped out of the race when in fact he is the front-runner by all accounts.

  2. Instead of watching a video of the candidates I encourage readers to go to the Chicago Sun-Times, who published responses to questionnaires it sent all three candidates. The link to click on is http://www.suntimescandidates.com/wooten--richard.html

  3. I am beginning to think The Sixth Ward blog has something against aldermanic candidate and Chicago police officer Richard Wooten because every time his name is mentioned in a story on this site there seems to be misleading and inaccurate information printed about him.

    One published blog said Mayor Emanuel would fund his campaign, which is a big fat lie, considering Wooten is supporting Willie Wilson, and in another posting it stated he was a previous candidate when in fact he is currently running for sixth ward alderman. If you, The Sixth Ward, was trying to say he previously ran for alderman in the sixth ward, you should clarify that and not continue to tarnish the reputation of an associate pastor, a husband, father, grandfather, and community stakeholder the sixth ward seriously needs as its next alderman!

  4. Wooten is running for Alderman in 2015, it's a public fact. If Anything should be clarified it's only that he was a previous candidate for 2011. If Wooten wasn't running this time he probably wouldn't have been interviewed by Mr. Jahmal Cole. Also if you want to keep talking about Emanuel funding Wooten take it up with the person who wrote the column that was shared here. But yes Wooten previous ran for 6th Ward Alderman in 2011. Thanks for noting that.


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