Friday, March 13, 2015

Washington Post: Chicago mayor’s race is dividing the city’s black community

Well how divided is the Black electorate on the mayoral run-off between Emanuel and Garcia? Can Garcia capitalize on the Black vote or will Emanuel be able to get those votes necessary and secure a second term as mayor?

In the meanwhile, the Washington Post looks at the 2015 mayoral run-off here":
Emanuel, who dramatically outspent the competition, led the way with 46 percent of the vote, short of the majority he needed to avoid a runoff against Garcia, who took 34 percent.

Support for the mayor among black voters was weaker than it was in 2011. He won 42 percent of the vote in majority black wards, according to the Illinois Elections Data Web site, which tracks voting patterns, down from 59 percent in 2011. Garcia took about a quarter of the vote in those wards.

With Emanuel expected to perform well in predominantly white areas and Garcia expected to win the Hispanic vote, the remaining third in those wards who voted for someone else could, depending on turnout, be vital.

Garcia has been hammering the mayor for closing 49 elementary schools; he has vowed to put more police officers on the streets to combat violent crime; and he is promising to shut down the city’s red light cameras, which produce city revenue through fines.
But in his efforts to make inroads with black voters, Garcia, who would be Chicago’s first Hispanic mayor, is also confronting the city’s history of strained relations between Latinos and blacks. 
“The first rifts appeared soon after Washington’s death in 1987,” wrote radio show host Salim Muwakkil on the In These Times Web site earlier this year. “When the black base split over which alderman should succeed Washington, Latino supporters were set adrift, and the remnants of the city’s infamous Democratic Machine exploited that uncertainty.
I suppose there is a path to victory on both sides. I'd be curious so see what that path is. How does Rahm win and how does Chuy became Chicago's first latino mayor?

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