Saturday, April 4, 2015

Election news tidbits in the Chatham area

Here are some random election tidbits/observations from JP Paulus

1) The Brookins campaign just dumped a trailer with campaign signs in the middle of the street at 83rd & LaFayette. This was Saturday, April 4 at 10am. The Chicago Election Board says it's out of their jurisdiction (only within 100 feet of polling place).

Brookins traile rin MIDDLE of the street at 83rd & LaFayette.

 2) For weeks, Bob Fioetetti's office at ~319 E. 79th Street had Fioretti signs up. But once Fioretti endorsed Rahm Emanuel, the signs suddenly came down. Interesting timing.

3) All 51 early voting sites were open on Sunday. However, this was not advertised very well. The "primary" only had 5 sites open. I had assumed the same 9as did many others), and checked early Sunday morning to verify those site addresses, and found out the change. I tried texting several pastors, and Greater Instituional AME church with Pastor Walter Johnson responded by sending a bus of voters to Whitney Young Library. The judges there had noted how parse it was Sunday, with the exception of the church.     Rev. William Hall of St. James Lutheran had also texted back, but not sure if he was able to mobilize parishioners. As a side note, I hope they do attempt the Sunday early voting at all sites next year. The corner of King Drive hand 79th (Whitney Young) has over 100 churches within a mile radius, according to Mapquest. If just 5 per church came out to vote, there would be 500 voters for site, at least.

4) For weeks, there were a handful of mayoral signs in lawns, mostly for Rahm (at least in the Chatham area).  This past week saw many more for Garcia...mainly on streets like King Drive, and volunteers at the El stations. We'll see what effect, if any, they have had on the mayoral vote.

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