Thursday, January 5, 2017

Studio Movie Grill Chatham 14 NOT showing Hidden Figures?

The above ad had an old date -- the Hidden Figures movie website has January 6 as the new official wide release date
From The Sixth Ward writer JP Paulus...

Our local Theater, the Studio Movie Grill Chatham 14 Theaters , according to the website, doesn't seem to be showing the movie Hidden Figures this Sunday.

While Chatham 14 hasn't been black owned in some time  (with Michael Silver essentially taking it from the founders, Donzell and Alicia Starks , and then selling out to the Studio Movie Grill chain) , many of the staff, and more importantly, the audience remains the same.

This is puzzling because Chatham 14 hosted an event in September to celebrate the movie "Queen of Katwe". Now, that event was organized by an outside group, but certainly made my family proud to be there, and to see various African cultures (as well as chess playing) being celebrated all over the theater.

Now, with the renovations for becoming at true Studio Movie Grill facility have now taken over the lobby, I understand they couldn't do much. But surely they could have a flat movie display, with some homemade signs that say thing like "Future genius" or "Junior Mathematician".

Or even simpler -- just have it up on the website's schedule (under "Coming Soon") and allow for some advance ticket purchases. I was going to tell others to buy tickets for a certain show, but nothing was available. Many seats have bene changed over, so seating now is limited, and you have to arrive early in order to get good seating, so simply meeting at the theater for a certain show might not be practical.

If the company did any research, they should know that movies of African-American significance and/or interest are often sold out at opening weekend. Despite the construction, this would have been an excellent public relations opportunity. 

Instead, if the "Coming Soon" is accurate, it might actually be a lighter weekend than usual, with $5 Tuesday possibly being a stronger day.

My family will wind up watching" Hidden Figures" with friends this Sunday at Marcus Theaters - Country Club Hills this Sunday at the 3:15pm show. How about yours?

Fashion Show at the special Queen of Katwe movie night at Chatham 14

Chess Playing at the special Queen of Katwe movie night at Chatham 14

Runway for the fashion show

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