Tuesday, May 16, 2017

HINZ: Illinois sees incomes rise as population falls

In order to read this article you may have to subscribe, however, I will excerpt what I can.

With that said many of us thought Illinois wasn't doing well. The jobs were leaving and as a result so were the people. How is the state's income going up?
Between 2013 and 2016, Illinois was one of only three states to lose population, dropping 0.6 percent and seeing declines in 91 of the state's 103 counties, RCF says, examining federal data.

But in the same time frame, Illinois added 200,000 jobs—slower growth than the nation as a whole, but still up. The job losses were concentrated in what might be called the Deere/Caterpillar section of the state, from the Quad Cities to Peoria.

More jobs but fewer people means the state's per-capita income rose 11.7 percent in that period. Except for Michigan, whose auto industry has been on a tear, the income growth here was greater than in every other surrounding Midwest state, including Indiana.

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