Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The city of Chicago is OK with dead bodies in the alley?

Why is the city OK with dead bodies sitting around for days?
OK, so it's not a HUMAN body.

But I called on Friday, June 23 about a dead kitten in the alley.  While someone moved the body deeper into the weeds, the body is still rotting, with flies all around.

It has been nearly a week, with no action. (Well, the flies certainly have a lot of action). I called again today. Foolishly, I forgot to get the request number. course, they have no record of the request. Reminder: ALWAYS GET THE REQUEST NUMBER, and HAVE THEM TEXT IT TO YOU! The request number is now  17-04280559

Why is the city OK with dead bodies (even if it is an animal)? We know the mayor has an affinity for dead fish....but dead kittens?

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  1. I've had the same issue, but worse. I get a text stating that the request has been completed and closed, but when I drive by the location, I see the dead animal has just been moved a couple of feet!


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