Monday, February 5, 2018

Check out this site for crime stats

This is the site Victor Maggio utilizes for his Maggio News series on the top 10 most violent Chicago neighborhoods. Just think if I had finished his videos all the way to the end - especially the Roseland video posted to blog two weeks ago - this site would've been noted. I was already curious about where he gets his numbers.

So it took his video noting the 6th most violent Chicago neighborhood which is our neighbors across the Dan Ryan in Auburn Gresham. I saw the video all the way to the end which discussed the crimes against gang affiliated rappers and they aren't necessarily affiliated with Auburn Gresham. I thought that was an odd placement. Regardless this video contained credits not only of who produced the videos also where the crime stats come from.

Here's their Editor's Note & Glossary page for their methodology on the stats they produce.

If you're concerned about any apparent bias look no further than last month's Happy Anniversary post where they sort of show it:
Five years ago today we launched an idea based on the “Chicago values” we were lectured about during the violent, political-anti-Chick-fil-A chicken sammich-infused summer of 2012. Every now and then we’re reminded about these values, but since we were never told exactly what those values are, we assumed that it must be murder, crime and mayhem.
It may not be right wing exactly, however, we see where they're coming from. What are Chicago values exactly?

Anyway if you like what they see, perhaps you can add this site to your daily reads.

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