Monday, February 19, 2018

Documentary on violence in Englewood

[VIDEO] For Victor Maggio who continued his series of the top 10 violent neighborhoods (or really community areas) with Englewood at #4. As per his other video he generally will give a history of each neighborhood especially ethnic history and then of course he discusses how these areas became crime ridden and violent.

BTW, if you don't want to watch this 24 minute video he does mention the "murder castle" of H.H. Holmes that formerly stood at 63rd & Wallace. This piece of trivia was a bit controversial when we shared the neighborhood brand for Englewood where this piece of history was used as a background image. Of course as well all know there are activists who are looking to shed Englewood of its violent and crime ridden reputation.

Like with the Roseland video, Marathon Pundit shares this and expresses his family connection with Engelwood noting not only the shopping district of 63rd & Halsted but the late Southtown Theater.

Finally this video is controversial as there are some who are aware of Maggio's political leanings. Bear in mind that he offers his opinions on what he sees as the start of an anti-police narrative. One incident he documents happened not long after the police shooting of one Laquan McDonald. Of course he notes in this video other incidents were people came out to protest police.

Also I recognize that what he covers involved inner city violence and there are people who have been touched by this vicious cycle. What I expect in Maggio sharing his stories of Chicago violence is that he wants a solution to this tragedy. We all want a solution to this violence.

For the record Maggio gets his stats from

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