Monday, October 29, 2018

Wendy's is coming to 87th/Dan Ryan...

Within the last few weeks I tried to leave Jewel/Osco's parking lot on 87th and the Dan Ryan through the usual exit that's closest to the one towards the expressway. One minor problem however I couldn't leave that way. To leave the Jewel parking lot - or the shopping center that contains a variety of stores including Burlington or Rainbow or a jewelry store - I'd have to go down to the old Best Buy/Toys R Us store.

One time a guy when down to that exit from the parking lot and then went north on Lafayette to get to the expressway entrance. A risky move to be sure.

We as of late the parking lot has experience some construction starting with a Chipotle's right on the corner of 87th and now per Worlee Glover of Concerned Citizen's of Chatham, a Wendy's. Alright no more trips to 87th and Stony or 99th and Western - and those probably aren't the only ones closest by. Either way it's interesting that the shopping center that hosts Jewel/Osco on 87th is experiencing something of a building boom in its outer parking lot!

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