Saturday, November 10, 2018

Southside Chicagoans deserve economic development solutions

You might have seen this in state Sen. Elgie Sims' latest e-mail blast referring to the future closure of Target stores in Chatham & Morgan Park.
I’m disheartened by the news that the Target Corporation has decided to close two stores in February 2019 on the city’s South Side, including one located in my neighborhood, Chatham. Not only is the store a source of income for more than 100 people, but many of my constituents rely on it for everyday essentials, including food and medication. This closure will make it harder for families who are already struggling, forcing them to find a way to travel farther to get the items they need.

It seems that the people of Chicago’s South Side, in predominantly African American neighborhoods, are always the first to be left out in the cold by big box stores. Members of the communities surrounding these stores supported them for 10 years, and now Target has decided to close their doors, giving explanations that do not seem to match with reality.

Recently, I joined with elected officials from the state, city and federal governments to speak about this ill-advised decision, which happens to involve closing the stores AFTER the lucrative holiday season, and I intend to find solutions to this problem. The people of the 17th District and all of the communities it includes deserve better.
Yes we do! Now how do our communities avoid being left out in the cold?

And also bear in mind Sims' constituent office is also near the Target at 87th & Cottage Grove.


  1. We, the residents of the 6th Ward, fundamentally got what we deserved. By refusing to move together and pool our resources and talents to own and operate our own department store, we've set the stage for what's occurring now. This type of thing will keep happening, until we wake up and do what is needed. Yes, we deserve better, but it will never get better so long as we allow others to take advantage of us financially. If we got our act together, we could open and profitably operate a comparable store for 100 years. We just don't want it badly enough. It's time to wake up.

  2. Jesse we lack political representation and surrounded by huge EGOS that rather see the devastation succeed. Personally making a plan of action to move out of the state. You will see Voters in the 6th ward vote for their destruction instead of waking up as you say and want better. No Townhall was called after the Target is Closing Why not? Concerned 6th Ward Resident


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