Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Become part of the solution

I'm very dismayed at the unrest that unfolded over the weekend here in Chicago. I witnessed the demonstrations in downtown Chicago and unfortunately the vandalism of Chicago's streets and businesses having seen graffiti on not only streets and buildings and buses also. Even seen streaks where it was apparent someone threw something at a window on some buildings.

I get that people are upset about what happened in Minneapolis, Minnesota with Mr. George Floyd. It's generally agreed regardless of your political affiliation or even ethnicity that the police officers involved in his arrest and death had a very callous disregard for that man's life. It's great that people are demonstrating another instance of police mistreatment of yet another citizen.

What bothers me is the destruction not only of downtown Chicago which I know the city itself will do its best to take care of. It's the destruction in looting in south side neighborhoods. An area of the city which could ill afford it.

I've seen people bring up 1968 - there were riots after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. - there are parts of this city that never recovered from those riots sadly. And I'm definitely concerned that those areas hard hit by the recent looting and violent may take a long time for recovery.

I've seen reports of the Walmart in Chatham on 83rd & Stewart was not only looted, it was also on fire. I've not been up there to see what's been going on with that, however, I'm sure many of us assume it's still standing and will be repaired.

I remember the debate over bringing a Walmart to that location. The debate was over the rate of pay for Walmart workers. Another debate unfortunately was racial as people were concerned about who'd shop there as people of many backgrounds will shop there. Some of those comments were seen on this blog at that time.

Ald. Howard Brookins was eventually successful in getting a Walmart on 83rd and it's sad to see that in a matter of days his hardwork to bring new stores and jobs into the community has suffered a reversal. As of now it appears that this Walmart will be reopened in the near future, I did start off pessimistic on this and I'm glad the recent unrest wont close any Walmarts in the city.

Just about 13 years ago J.P. Paulus and I started this blog. My goal was to create something of a community blog akin to blogs such as the now defunct Broken Heart of Roger's Park, Uptown Update, Sloopin' and even Edgeville Buzz. I don't know if this blog had fully fulfilled that mission over the years though by some accounts whether second hand or personally it seems that we have.

I don't consider myself a community activist or even a journalist though some have argued as such over the years. I do know that as of now, my goal is to be part of the solution.

My goal is to continue updating you all especially with our fb page. You all stay safe out there

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