Saturday, October 23, 2021

CBS Chicago: CTA reduces some fares in new budget


[VIDEO] This has been in the news and since I like to cover transit related issues on this blog felt this was necessary to share. Riding CTA will be cheaper once the new budget is approved for 2022.

And get this transfers are free which in most parts of the country (for example Atlanta) you don't have to pay for transfers. How many of us remember before the days that you got someone tap for you to board a train that people used to beg for a paper transfer?

Also if you use passes they were reduced over the summer in an effort to encourage transit riders to return to using CTA. For next year those prices will remain in effect. For example a 7-day pass will now cost $20 as opposed to $28.

Oh and one thing I should've noted base fares will remain the same. $2.25 if you ride the L and $2.25 if you ride the bus and applicable especially if you use a Ventra card. Click this link if you want to see all current CTA fare information.

Here are some relevant tweets.

In this tweet if you click through they will mention the budget one of the items in the budget pertains to the Red Line extension. However, no funding has been secured for it as of yet though I am looking forward to being on the first run to 130th Street in the near future.
This next tweet above just shows the proposed cuts as far as price for CTA passes and of course the cutting of fare for transfers. Will any of these proposals allow you to reconsider taking CTA in the future.

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