Saturday, December 11, 2021

#Tucker on the crime problem and the grinches who rob volunteers and burn down Christmas trees


[VIDEO] I'm sharing this segment from Tucker Carlson Tonight on FOX News with you today because the commentary you see by host Tucker Carlson discusses some local events that perhaps you missed. Most certainly I missed these events.

To bring home some of the points Carlson is discussing here is there needs to be a reckoning on the crime issue nationally. Certainly it's an issue not just in the city where last weekend a group of youths converged near Millennium Park to cause enough issues for the police to start making plans to address any future disturbances. Basically as a reaction problem as this issue has been going on for a while as this isn't the first time I wrote about youths coming to downtown to cause problems as theft, vandalism, or even just causing major disturbances.

So he starts off with attacks on Christmas trees because well tis the season. And the first thing he mentions was that a group of My Block My Hood My City volunteers were robbed putting up holiday decorations in the history south side Bronzeville neighborhood. 

BTW, if you don't want to listen to Carlson here's a story from CBS Chicago. According to the article this crime occurred at 48th & King Drive and part of a team of volunteers putting up Christmas decorations from  35th Street to 115th Street.

Anyway, another crime which you will see in a video below a Christmas tree in Washington Park was burned by a "grinch". Which is something Carlson has an issue with because the grinch is a character from Dr. Seuss and we might laugh at that assertion. However, this is a serious grinch and they're targeting Christmas trees or they're targeting the Christmas spirit. [VIDEO]

If you care about the commentary I'll let you decide if anything Tucker Carlson says has any validity. One thing I would say he's correct about is we have to be honest about the crime issue. We can spin it all day long though having been explored locally if our authorities are soft on the Christmas tree arsonists or on anything far more violent especially for tax paying citizens then we have major issues ahead.

Andrew Yang ran for mayor of New York City earlier this year and noted in a debate that you see in the Carlson video that his wife was assaulted. He spoke truth to the crime issue there and many Democrats there had an issue with that. And newsflash New York City elected to become mayor a former police officer who promises to be far tougher on crime than the current mayor is now who's more focused on much more stricter pandemic mitigations with the idea of encouraging more people to be vaccinated.

Well we already know back home here in Chicago that the Mayor of Chicago and the Cook County State's Attorney are taking serious hits in the polls as far as the crime issue. And a Freedom of Information request procured text messages from the mayor with regards to her response to the increase in crime near downtown and her responses to civil unrest after the death of George Floyd. To be honest I don't like what I see from those texts.

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