Friday, February 5, 2010

Alderman Lyle and City Furlough days

Fox News Chicago showed this story on their noon news edition today (and presumably at their 9pm show last night).

City workers were required to take 15 furlough days off (where they miss pay for that day.)

The full article is at this link.

They also have a page which details how many days each alderman (and treasurer, city clerk & mayor) took off.

The article states that some officials actually voluntarily took more days off, saving the city some money. Alderman Lyle took 16 days (1 extra), as did Mayor Daley, ranking them in the top 12 of 53 officials who saved the city some money. Now it was more symbolic than financially helpful, but it's good for the public to see our officials standing with the rank and file worker.

Most likely, Ald. Lyle didn't work that much less (perhaps a few hours here and there), but took the pay reduction along with all the other city workers.

Alderman Lyle follows this blog, and we will be happy to post any comments by her (or even as a guest blog entry) regarding this.

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