Friday, March 12, 2010

REMINDER: Greater Chatham Alliance is seeking interim officers.

Just a reminder that tomorrow is that LAST day for nominees for the Greater Chatham Alliance. It is a temporary position, until November, when you may run again if you wish.

See our previous entry for details.


  1. Can we get a reason why there are interim elections? Also, in fairness why don't we see any updates on GCA aka WIM meetings? They also claim to represent the community.

  2. Sorry Worlee...Blogger has been acting funny, so i couldn't log in.

    First of, for info on GCA, you can always contact the Coressponding Secretay Leslie Honore at 773.483.5962 or at gcahonor (at)

    She sends out regular announcements by e-mail, so contact her if you haven't gotten them.

    (They are often attachments, so i don't have time to upload them. So i guess it's my fault you haven't seem much news on blog. However, like i said, their e-mails come out regularly)

    There have been conflicts within the leadership, so that the organization has voted to hold interim elections (the next scheduled GCA election is for November 2010), so business can still be done.

    So if you pay dues, and you contact them by tomorrow, YES, you COULD be nominated.

    GCA is an organzation that has grown in several ways, but also needs ot develop in others. If you feel you can give that direction, by all means nominate yourself (or someone else) for an appropriate position.


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