Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Man found shot to death after vehicle crashes into Popeyes

Curtis Settles, 21, was inside a car at a gas station on the east side King Drive near 95th Street when he was shot in the chest, a Gresham District police lieutenant said.

After he was shot he drove across the street, where he plowed into the front door of a Popeye's fast-food restaurant. Popeye's was closed.

When police arrived, the man was found shot outside of the car and he has died, the lieutenant said.

Settles, of the 21100 block of Kildare Avenue [Matteson, IL], was dead on the scene at 400 E. 95th St., the Cook County medical examiner's office said. He suffered a gunshot wound.

The building did not sustain severe damage.

Police officer Ronald Gaines said no one else was inside the car and no other injuries were reported.
Check out the comments at Chicago Breaking News:
Ah, just about every stereotype is covered by this story.
Hmmm, this story has nothing to do with stereotypes. A man is dead and they bring up stereotypes!
Popeyes near 400 E 95th is NOT the Roseland Community! I guess the news didn't want to state that Popeyes is across the street from Chicago State University.
Well ummm technically 400 E. 95th is within the Roseland community area, but another reader addresses that and has other comments as well:
On the official maps the area south of the train tracks is Roseland, while north is Chatham. So it was in Roseland. (East of King Drive would be Burnside.) On other maps the area is West Chesterfield.

I walked past there this morning and didn't even notice anything unusual. Frighteningly enough, we are getting accustomed to this violence.

A few weeks ago a 17 year old was shot at 91st Place and King Drive and pulled into the BP station across the street from Popeyes. Rumor has it that the bullet wasn't even intended for him.

Don't forget that Mom, Grandma, or Auntie are providing room and board for these killers. They need to put them out.

Well how about we start some comments about this violence here. Why wait for that ward meeting next month? We should start talking publicly now about what we want to do about it!


  1. Yes its time for SOS(saving our selves) conversations. Also, check out what one of our readers is up to. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/syronsmith/message/1364.

  2. this is so sad!!! I had the opportunity to work with Curtis for about 4 months before I moved on to another job and I absolutly Loved him! He was such a great person he did not deserve this! Just another senseless killing!

  3. I didn't know Curtis but he worked with my significant other and they socialized outside of work as well. It is definitely a tragedy for a life to be taken so early as well as in such a senseless fashion. We all need to stop, think, and reflect about our lives and the lives of others. Cherish what you have because in a blink of an eye...it could be taken. R.I.P Curtis and my hearts and prayers go out to your mother and sisters.

  4. Curtis was like my brother we went to highschool together (John Harlan) and he was a great person who loved to smile and since day one he took me in as his big sister I will miss him dearly this killing needs to stop


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