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Back to school info

It's about that time of year again to send our young people back to school some of them will be returning to school starting on August 9th. We recieved this info via an e-mail from a frequent commenter.

School to start Aug. 9th include Dixon, Pirie, Park Manor, Ruggles, Deneen, Hinton, Banneker, and Robeson in the 6th ward. This press release was issued on July 19th.
With 195 year-round schools set to open their doors to students in just three weeks, Chicago Public Schools CEO Ron Huberman today launched a citywide campaign to raise awareness among parents and students about the importance of first day and everyday attendance.

At a Back to School rally in Chicago’s Back of the Yards community, Huberman stressed the importance of school attendance while reminding parents that two key dates on the calendar are approaching.

On Aug. 9, school starts for students who attend the 195 year-round, or “Track E,” schools which operate on an extended calendar.  

On Sept. 7, students at “traditional” schools will begin the 2010-11 school year. (View the 2010-2011 school year calendars here)

“In the coming weeks, Chicago Public Schools will be ratcheting up its efforts to make sure everyone knows how critical daily attendance at school is to academic success,” said Huberman.  “We want students in class the first day and every day so they are ready to learn.”

“The Chicago Board of Education is proud to join the effort to bolster attendance at Chicago schools on the first day and every day,” said Chicago Board of Education president Mary Richardson-Lowry.  “We know that when students are in school every day, they are engaged, they are learning and they are on the path toward graduation and a successful future.”

This year, 63 additional schools will operate on the Track E schedule, bringing the system-wide total to 195 schools.  Chicago Public Schools introduced the Track E calendar in 2007, giving schools and communities the option of adopting the new calendar.  That year, 18 schools operated on the Track E calendar; this year, nearly 200 schools will do so.

The Track E calendar starts the second week of August. It includes a two-week intersession in the fall, three weeks for Christmas-New Years and two weeks in spring. It ends in June on the same day as the regular calendar and includes all of the same holidays.

Centered around the theme, “Show Up!  First Day and Every Day,” the 2010 back to school campaign is designed to educate parents and students about the upcoming school calendar while also building enthusiasm and excitement for the start of the new school year.

There will be Back to School festivals in the Englewood, Austin and Humboldt Park communities.  Informational fliers are being distributed throughout the city.  Parents will receive reminder phone calls reminding them about the first day of school and the link between attendance and success. 

“Chicago Public Schools is doing everything it can to ensure our students are ready to return to school ready to learn.  Part of that effort is educating parents about the first day,” said Huberman.  “But the other part is stressing consistent attendance day in and day out.  Students who aren’t in class cannot learn. So it’s important to establish good attendance right off the bat.”

At today’s rally at Chavez Elementary Multicultural Academy, 4747 S. Marshfield Ave., the Jesse White Tumblers and the New Generation Fancy Drill Team performed in front of students and community members.  Chicago Fire mascot Sparky also joined the festivities.  CPS officials also distributed backpacks to students in preparation for the new school year.

Chavez last year enjoyed a 95.1 percent attendance rate, among the city’s highest.  

Huberman and Richardson-Lowry were joined at today’s event by Aldermen Willie Cochran and Lona Lane, Chavez Elementary School Principal Barton Dassinger and faculty and parents of Chavez school community.
The schools I listed from the 6th Ward are all on Track E, the schools on the traditional track will start on September 7th.

OH YEAH: I want to refer you a comment in this post from November 27th, 2007 about Harlan High School for a listing of all schools in the 6th! Where is Joy these days.

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