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Happy Liquors temporarily closed!

Because as of late this post has been recieving more comments, this post is worth a BUMP to the top originally posted by JP Paulus on April 29, 2011 - Levois

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Pastor John Hannah, of New Life Covenant - Oakwood church, reported on his Facebook account that Happy Liquors at 79th & Cottage Grove, is temporarily closed, as of this morning.

Previously, he called on parishioners to go to City Hall in favor of closing Happy Liquors..

Hopefully crime will decrease.

It will be up to us to help find a better business, and to patrol the area to ward off "riff raff".


  1. Happy's is not the problem on that corner. We placed bus stops for buses going in two directions on that corner that creates crowds.

    Secondly, I would verify with Alderman Lyle and Harris is this the result of the church or the planned redevelopment already in place. CVS pharmacy has been working on a plan for over a year to redevelop that corner.

    Let's give credit where credit is due versus creating sennsational sound bites.

  2. first this comment by worlee is woefully deficient of other mitigating facts. this happy liquors has been the site of gang activity, selling loose cigarets, murders, and intimidation of those innocent bus stop patrons.
    This business has been deleterious to our community for many years. To prove this point, how can happy accumulate $19Mil in building codes violations and still operate? why dont you ask ournew Mayor that questions worlee???

  3. First, let's be clear I didn't vote for Rahm. Secondly, we can lump you in with the rest of the publicity pimps running around attempting to profit on the senseless violence going on.

    That store has been in the community for over 40 years, prior to becoming Happy's it was Lee Trotter's. So selling liquor on that corner isn't new. With a little due diligence, you would have found out that Happy's sells less liquor than most of the other liquor stores in the area. The overall mix of stores, which most are closed now,were contributing factors.

    Lastly, why don't you get some guts and quit hiding behind the computer screen making "anonymous" statements. As well as ask former Alderman Stroger, why did he not work on the "problem" building as well as "community activist" who lobbied against that building being torn down to pave the way for redevelopment. Woefully, I think you are deficient.

  4. i agree with Worlee in that you need to post with some specific ID, so that we can respond to you as an individual. Having a consistent ID helps us to see your personality. (And it's part of our policy).

    If you find something that gets your blood going, it's wise to type it up on Word, save it, go away for at least a few minutes. Then open it up again and see if it's really what you want/should say.

    With Worlee, i find him dismissive at times of dfiffering viewpoints. i have to stop and remmeber his time in the community and regular controbutions to this blog & community before i go off on him.

    So for example, letting Worlee know that i wasn't trying to imply that New Life Covenant was saying they were solving the problem all by themselves. You can't get too detailed in history on a Facebook status update (which that was). But i was rather highighting part of the community contributing to tackling a longtime problem. Pastor Hannah has 92 likes and 84 comments on his call for people to go downtown to support the closure.

    i would argue his assertion that the bus stops are the problem...79th & King is a similar hub, but doesn't have the loitering problem.

    Worlee is of course free to post about the history of the potential re-development of the Happy's corner. Part of the problem in this whole city is that different groups are often trying to tack the same problem, but not connecting with like-minded people.

  5. That is a nice building, great terracotta...I hope it don't get knocked down in the end.
    I used to cash my check at the currency exchange there in '91-'92, it was a pretty dicey intersection back then.

  6. To all who oppose a business that has been owned by hardworking business men in that neigborhood from that neighborhood for almost 30 years here are the facts. 1) after closing for remodeling, there was a shooting on Saturday two days after the store closed. If the store was open, security and constant flow of patrons would of probably prevented that shooting from taking place. 2)the owners of Happy's are also the building owners and have taken malt liquor and cheap wine products off the shelfs and discontinued those sales (which has caused revenue to decline and those products are purchased one block east)and have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs and remodeling for the benefit and sake of the community. 3) having a dark corner, unoccupied will cause further crime and filth that will greatly disturb seniors,young adults and whomever uses the bus stop on Cottage Grove.4) Alderman Harris and former Alderman Lyle both had agreed to a new plan of operation for Happy's for the good of the community. 5) Happy's employs numerous residents from the community and creates hundreds of thousands of tax revenue dollars for the financially strapped city which in this day, lost jobs and revenues will only hurt the community and move it backwards instead of forwards.

  7. I feel it's in the best interest of the community to wipe away negative energy from happy's liquor's inside & outside. The owner was a slum lord. He does not deserve a store in the black community at all. His store was part of an ongoing problem for years. It's time for positive change.

  8. May 8 Anom. No one forces you to shop at a particular store. If you feel you are being neglected and disrespected then you do not shop there.

    I do not shop with some stores in the neighborhood because I do not like what they stand for and how they treat patrons and some are African American owned.

  9. Happy's as well as other businesses are closed until the owner fixes all building violations.

  10. Whatever. Negroes always complaining about SOMETHING. Happy's ain't the problem. They are selling a product to people who want it. How about making sure that the new alderman makes sure there are patrol cars circulating what are considered problem areas instead of writing BS tickets or sitting in a parking lot/sidestreet chatting? How about the alderman making sure that the worst potholes are fixed? How about the alderman advocating for some BLACK people getting city grants to open businesses in their own community instead of Middle Easterners? How about THAT? Worried about some damn Happys? You all are a joke.


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