Tuesday, May 24, 2011

UPDATED: 6th Ward Service Office Changes

Added some new information to this post first written on May 16, 2011. Added are the office hours to Alderman Sawyer's service office. Some of this information was announced at the recent GCA meeting with Ald. Sawyer and Chief of Staff Sleet - Levois

Alderman Rod Sawyer
From Worlee's blog, Concerned Citizens of Chatham:

Effective 5/17/2011 the 6th ward service office will relocate to

463 1/2 E. 83rd Street (83rd and Eberhart),
Chicago, IL 60619

Office Phone


6th Ward Chicago


Office Hours
Mon-Thursday 9am-5pm
Friday-Saturday 10am -2pm
Closed Sundays.
Evening hours will be scheduled in the future.

The new staff of the 6th ward is as follows:

Chief of Staff Brian Sleet
Roderick Sawyer - Alderman
Brian Sleet - Chief of Staff
Jasmine McCalpin - Aide
Candace Briggs - Aide
Craig Davis - Aide (part-time)
Paul Bryson - Supervisor, Streets and Sanitation


  1. What are we Negros going to do to improve our neighborhoods?

    Marc Sims

  2. Tell Paul Bryson, when i come back to Chicago, there better be clean streets and manicure lawns on parkways....just kidding, in any event, congratulations on the new men work for the 6th ward.

  3. How about the new alderman making sure there are patrol cars circulating what are considered problem areas instead of writing BS tickets or sitting in a parking lot/sidestreet chatting?

    How about the alderman making sure that the worst potholes are fixed?

    How about the alserman advocating for some BLACK people getting city grants to open businesses in their own community instead of Middle Easternrers?

    How about that?

    We don't need no more "community meetings" "award ceremonies" or any more of that useless, time-wasting crap.

    Clean the garbage off the streets! Arrest the damn vagrants and criminals! Close down the damn slumlords! Get out of your damn office building and tour your ward (walking) once a week to see what is REALLY going on!

    Think Sawyer will do that? No! Just another wannabe collecting a check and using up discretionary funds to support his lifestyle.

    We'll see and I already know you all are probably too much of p-ssies to print this.

  4. For someone spending a lot of time writing this venom I have little idea as to whether or not you're doing anything about the problems you listed. Instead of calling people p*ssies why don't we hear about your activism and your activities to solve some of our problems. And BTW, this crap is out there now so all I could do is delete but today, I'm going to let people read your comments.

  5. Thank you Anom for your comments,haters let us know we are doing our job. I'm glad we have made you mad and hopefully some more of our post will upset you to the point you get up and go to a block club meeting, community meeting,CAPS meeting or start a community patrol or do something other then keep up election rhetoric. The election is over and its time to move on. On your comments,
    1. Happy's is in the 8th ward not the 6th. Alderman Harris is the one who initiated the building closure not all the others who are attempting to get credit.
    2. Brian Gardner did a great job as Superintendent and will do a great job in the 7th ward, our new Superintendent has not missed a beat and is continuing what Brian started.
    3. I can't speak for the Alderman but if you have a REAL issue his email is 6thwardchicago@gmail.com, Facebook and Twitter and you vent your frustration there and get responses.

  6. "or someone spending a lot of time writing this venom I have little idea as to whether or not you're doing anything about the problems you listed. "

    See, that's the problem with "knee"groes (as in always on your knees) scared of "the man".

    Why do "I" have to "do something"?!?!?

    Isn't that what we are PAYING our police and politicians/public servants to do? Hell, If "I" have to do it, what the hell do we need them for?????

    Always playing that uncle tom "defend the status quo" card and cheesing in the face of "authority" instead of taking the side of INSISTING that THEY do the JOB they are being PAID FOR.

    So willing to be all butt-hurt by a comment (all TRUE) instead of being willing to do what the press is SUPPOSED TO DO and that is make sure public officials DO THEIR JOB!!!!!

  7. Is that you Casey? Our friend from the FB page? You might as well not hide behind the anonymous handle anymore. It's great to see you posting your angry comments here.


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