Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hyde Park Progress: Will a Redistricted 5th Ward Include Hyde Park?

While we keep an eye on the remap of city council wards, I would be curious to see how Hyde Park is able to organize on this issue. They note that they're not happy with 5th Ward Ald. Hairston, and note that other neighboring Aldermen would promise to be an improvement if Hyde Park were mapped into another ward altogether. However, they wonder if any of those Aldermen would want Hyde Park with the many issues of that particular electorate!

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  1. Some Hyde Parkers are not happy with her because she isn't running the ward from Hyde Park like former Alderman Lawrence Bloom and giving UC sweetheart real estate deals.

    All including 6th ward residents need to be alert about the redistricting because there are a lot of new "friends" showing up. Friends who ran for alderman in other wards, but now want to be part of Chatham, organizations who let Jewel supermarket close a full service grocery store and have the gaul to say they are going to get a Whole Foods, organizations who have let CPS re institute segregated schools in their areas, rabble rousers who have a issue with who the Black Caucus chose because she would no endorse him and others who are being seduced by so called "crusaders" with promises to get them the "hookup" but who cannot get anything done and a so called liberal alderman who disrespecting black alderman by butting into their ward business. With "friends" like these watch out.


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