Friday, May 4, 2012

What's going on in Roseland (9th Ward)?

Check out this EveryBlock discussion that was started with the statement below on May 1st with regards to Ald. Anthony Beale's administration of the 9th Ward:
Alderman Anthony Beale's plans for 9th Ward Roseland posted by DMC

 Does anyone know of any plans for the Roseland community? I drive around and see nothing but senior housing going up. The lot at 115th State has been torn apart a year ago yet nothing has been done to it, where's the Aldi and why do we need another when there's one just a mile west? There's nothing more than urban wear and hair supply stores on Michigan than blend quite well with the storefronts that are closed; such as the former Rent-a-Center lot on 115th Michigan behind Curtis School. Lastly, how many more churches can one ward have, like we haven't lost enough tax revenue in our community already? have Can anyone share any information on ANY worthwhile project in the 9th ward???? I'm lost here...
Check out the comments a number of things being said the main things mentioned is

Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep - we found out here that Ald. Beale had been elected to the LSC there. That is an issue because Brooks is a selective enrollment school and it is thought to be a conflict of interest. Also another potential issue is an attempt by Ald. Beale to use his "clout" to remove the sitting principal at Brooks. To be fair Ald. Sawyer himself had served on an LSC for McDade Classical School although I'm not certain if he remains on the LSC at current moment he didn't run to retain his seat in the recent LSC elections. Refer to JP's post for a link about LSC election results!

Development -  The comments appear to be not so thrilled with Wal-Mart coming to the area or do not believe it to be the savior while other commercial developments are being neglected. Especially the area of Michigan Avenue between roughly 107th and 115th Streets. Also they complain about the types of businesses that have set up shop in the 9th ward and the lack of development especially of the lot that was largely razed for an Aldi's at the corner of 115th & Michigan.

Constituent services - Many of the comments complain about Beale's lack of responsiveness to his residents. As the 9th Ward will take in a new constituency within the next few years this will prove to be key as it has been said that the areas located currently in the southernmost portion of the 6th Ward votes much more heavily than all of the 9th Ward. Some of the residents will seek out Ald. Beale at his office on Monday nights when he usually will be available talk to his constituents.

9th Warders are more than welcome to talk here about their communities and how their ward is faring currently. Do you think Ald. Beale is doing a good job as your Alderman? Why or why not? Well what say you?

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