Saturday, June 2, 2012

Chicago Tonight: Controversy Arises over Saggy Pants in School

[VIDEO] Ald. Howard Brookins appeared on Chicago Tonight on Thursday talks about a resolution that is going before the Chicago City Council that will ban sagging-pants or any other gangster-style clothing in Chicago Public Schools.

Such an action would leave me quite skittish as while the issues of crime & violence is a problem, surely there are more constructive ways to deal with this issue than to decide what someone should or shouldn't wear. And yes Ald. Brookins is right sagging-pants especially where people can see your undergarments could be seen as obscene. Aside from this being an anti-violence initiative this is one way to attack the problem.

Also I want to note that at Harlan - having attended many LSC meetings there - the principal stated that when he had visitors at the school they noted how the young men pull up their pants when they see him. It wasn't about the visitors it was about the principal who doesn't want to see that. The point is that every school should be able to take action on this without meddling by city hall or the school board.

Although what I do agree with instilling in our young people that how you dress is one way for people to have a lasting impression of you. We need to encourage our young people to dress for success!

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  1. Doesn't go far enough. Gangster clothing needs to be outlawed, period. Not just in schools. And I don't care if it's a violation of expression, freedom, or whatever. Punks carrying guns to kill each other or anyone else in oversized clothing needs to be stopped.


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