Friday, June 1, 2012

Worlee's Rant: Readers First

This blog takes great pride in the information we present. We take time to sift through tons of information to give our readers accurate, timely and factual information because we understand that information about our community that does get published in traditional media outlets gets buried behind information that is not that as important. Also, with a plethora of social media sites that claim to provide information about our community that typically get it "wrong", we know we have to get it right.

Because of the standards you hold us to and the work of my counterparts here, the blog has become a relied upon source for traditional and independent local, citywide and national media outlets. Whether they want to know who a candidate is or what's on the mind of the residents, they look at our post and your comments.  Many may not know that the reason traditional media is getting it "Right" now is because my counterparts are leading them to knowledgeable sources of information .

Also, we not only write about this community we live here with our immediate families, so we are stake holders and take our responsibility to help improve our community seriously, that is why we ask for flyers from any and all sources that are presenting events in and around the community that can improve the quality of life for our neighbors. But, when you give us a flyer about an event and the event leaves our readers with suspicion, doubt and unanswered questions, we have to act accordingly We apply this standard across the board whether the organization has been in existence for 1 month, 1 year, 10 years or 100 years. Do not abuse our readers intellect or time.

So when your committee supposedly plans an event for four months and has more loose ends to your event than completed task and puts residents health and safety in question. Do not get mad with me, don't get mad with residents who you choose to exclude and those who do not want to put up with community organization B.S. Accept that there is a new standard and you failed to achieve it.

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