Friday, June 22, 2012

Is someone working on that squatter house?

Earlier this week, I saw some activity outside of this house that we've had our eye on since 2010 when then Ald. Freddrenna Lyle alerted residents of Roseland Heights about the squatters in this house. I've seen police activity here at least once during the intervening period. Then it was boarded up and used as a place to hang up posters. Then we saw Worlee get bold and not only take a front picture of this home, but also a pic in the backyard and seemed to have checked this property thoroughly.

So on Wednesday I saw a guy outside on a ladder. Not sure what he was doing but I made the assumption that he was installing new windows. On the left hand side of the house that window looks new and the other plywood you see on the right hand side was removed although as you see it had been reinstalled. Also the door was open and there were people just standing on the porch and out of the door to this place. When you think about it, there isn't much difference in the appearance of the windows from this pic taken back in January 2010

BTW, my attempt to take a picture of this activity was foiled by the traffic on 95th Street and the people who were standing around and the police who were taking some suspects into custody at the time I walked by this house.

The pic above I took today the pic below was what I took walking directly in front of this house.
So they've placed landscaping stones around the lawn. So someone it giving this place the care that's necessary. Hopefully someone serious has been able to take command of this place!

BTW, before Worlee's update was my update back in April with a picture at that time of this house. There are surely plenty of people who wishes to know what is the deal!

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