Saturday, June 23, 2012

A response to the Red Line meeting at Kennedy King College...

That was held Thursday night it sent to us via e-mail!
Dear CTA Administration

I attended the CTA redline project meeting last yesterday at Kennedy King College. This message is for the CTA administration from the top down. The discussion about the contractors being allowed to knowingly practice discrimination and being awarded tax support projects, that a civil rights violation. This is a violation of human rights and civil rights and the contract can be voided and with any company that guilty of such violations.

The public office that states that contracts with a company that they knew practiced discrimination that deprives equal employment opportunities can be charged with conspiracy with the aiding an illegal act. Making such statements is a serious violation of civil rights of which is a blatant act of misconduct at the public's expense. There was misleading information being given by Mr. Claypool and Mr. Peterson. You both contradicted yourselves several times. I know that Mr Claypool was over the parks and our communities were underserved then and now, although there were new parks being built in other communities. We have received nothing but insidious misconduct that underserves the people on the SOUTHSIDE. There is no credibility from that public office administration.

The plan to shut down the redline, that will create chaos for the community. That we can't recover and that is too much to loses. The discussion of the plans that are in place with direct contact within the affected community is a continued practice of disrespectful misconduct. Any CTA jobs and training connections are the responsibility of all the public offices within the corridor that represent the communities. This includes community organizations that need the information to distribute within the community. The use of the media and churches are other way to actually convey what is needed from the CTA.

I would also like to know which CTA administrator take the bus from their homes to work every day. Bus are slower and become overcrowded and breakdown. This is not a plan, it's is a joke and a weak attempt to push a crappy after thought that is all wrong from the beginning. This going from bad to worse. The el makes fewer stops than buses do and they stop on blocks.

At this point from what was said at the meeting needs to be scrapped and re planned with qualified members from communities, and organizations that would represent the REAL interest of the public. I'm more than convinced that the CTA is continuously disrespecting our community and using the tax dollars that our communities contribute.

The other problems of the blatant acts of not complying with what was required that is for the benefit of the community is also a violation. Any public office that displays the arrogant blatant negative practices of violating rights can be subject to being force to comply through legal actions.

Cheryl Williams
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