Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ald. Brookins quoted in an article about Chick-fil-A...

In a story by the Tribune linked here about the Chick-fil-A controvery this past week, I missed this quote by 21st Ward Ald. Howard Brookins:
Ald. Howard Brookins Jr. said he likes the restaurant and would welcome it to the 21st Ward. "People's personal beliefs, unless they are way out of bounds, should not go into the decision as to whether a company should come into a particular area," Brookins said.
Brookins had the same idea I did believe it or not!

BTW, Mayor Emanuel indicated that he supported Ald. Moreno's statement on Chick-fil-A in his wish to block their efforts to open on Moreno's 1st Ward thanks to a CEO's statement on gay marriage. He was forced to clarify his statement:
Emanuel press secretary Tarrah Cooper called Friday to clarify the mayor's stance on whether a Logan Square Chick-fil-A location would be vetoed because of the company's views on gay marriage.

"He never said he'd block the restaurant from coming," Cooper said.
"If they meet all the requirements, they're welcome to open a restaurant here."
BTW, one question I neglected to ask in Thursday's post. Would you welcome a Chick-fil-A in a south side neighborhood such as Chatham (for example)?


  1. Despite the fact that I find the CEO's beliefs to be bigoted, I would definitely welcome a Chick-fil-A, as it would provide more jobs to the community. Being an openly gay person, I would refuse to spend my money in that establishment; however, I think he has the right to his faux-Christian views.

  2. There seems to be more to this story than Chick-fil-A and Gay Marriage. Here are my guesses:

    1) Alderman Moreno is concerned about increased traffic.

    2) Alderman Moreno is being paid off by some other business(es) to keep this company out of the ward.

    3) Alderman Moreno has not received a kickback from this company, and he's retaliating.

    4) Alderman Moreno wants LBGT MONEY (which is substantial) to flow into his ward.

    5) Alderman Moreno may be hiding a SECRET.

    Regardless, this media attention is ridiculous. Moreno, like other Alderman, should be focused on JOBS. Period!

    Should this company come to Chatham? Of course. However, thanks to Aldermen Brookins, Beale, and Harris, the business districts have been taken away from Sawyer. Oh, well!


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