Sunday, July 29, 2012

Guns and Race: A Frank Conversation


This upcoming Wednesday and Thursday, ICE Theaters will host their monthly presentation of Black World Cinema. But unlike most of their other presentations, this month's will stir a bit of controversy. The film "Negros with Guns: Rob Williams and Black Power" will be the monthly presentation. The trailer reads
Negros With Guns tells the dramatic story of the often-forgotten civil rights leader who urged African Americans to arm themselves against violent racists. In doing so, Williams not only challenged the Klan-dominated establishment of his hometown of Monroe, North Carolina, he alienated the mainstream Civil Rights Movement, which advocated peaceful resistance. Robert F. Williams was the forefather of the Black Power movement and broke dramatic new ground by internationalizing the African American struggle. Negroes with Guns is not only an electrifying look at an historically erased leader, but also provides a thought-provoking examination of Black radicalism and resistance and serves as a launching pad for the study of Black liberation philosophies. Insightful interviews with historian Clayborne Carson, biographer Timothy Tyson, Julian Bond, and a first person account by Mabel Williams, Robert’s wife, bring the story to life.
Also, there will be a screening of a follow up documentary "No Guns For Negro's" The trailer reads
The historical record provides compelling evidence that racism underlies gun control laws — and not in any subtle way. Throughout much of American history, gun control was openly stated as a method for keeping blacks and Hispanics “in their place,” and to quiet the racial fears of whites. This film provides a brief summary of this unholy alliance of gun control and racism, and to suggest that gun control laws should be regarded as “suspect ideas,” analogous to the “suspect classifications” theory of discrimination already part of the American legal system.
While the films will be thought provoking, the community forum on Thursday August 2, 2012 afterwards will be insightful and explosive, as a panel moderated by WVON radio's Cliff Kelley will discuss Stand Your Ground, Conceal and Carrry and other gun law issues.
The scheduled Panel Discussants:
Chris Cooper, Candidate for States Attorney
David Lemieux - Retired Chicago Police Detective
Lori Meriweather - single mom and stalking victim
Gimbu Kali, Pres & Shawn Gowder, VP, Chicago Firearms Safety Association
Radie - home invasion survivor

 Chicago Firearms Safety Association
The Illinois State Rifle Association
The Second Amendment Sisters
Effective Firearms Personal Protection Consultants

 This screening and forum was scheduled months ago but with the recent shootings in Colorado, the question has come up if this conversation is approriate at this time. I reached out to the co promoters, Chicagoland Firearms Safety Association for comment but was unable to reach them. Some have argued with the violence that has been seen on the streets here in Chicago that it is an appropriate time.


  1. It's about time this history is shown to the masses of uneducated, cowardly Black sheep!

    I have been advocating this issue for years. In my previous comment (from this blog's Second Amendment article with Shawn Gowder), I mentioned this fact:

    Every gun law in this country seems to always occur around populations of Black People!

    And we seem to have our Black leaders enforcing this nonsense!

    Are we so uncivilized that Conceal Carry laws guns should be kept from us?
    Yes, if you are a follower of Tio Hardiman, Father Flaeger, Anthony Beale, Connie Howard, and many others.

    Even former Rep Howard's potential heir, Elgie Sims, is shaky on this subject of Conceal Carry. Cliff Kelley has asked him about this subject several times. He has avoided this direct question by stating that he believes in having a gun ONLY in your home! Really? We don't spend our lives in our homes. What about when we're not in our homes, like at work, at the store, or even in our garages?

    Folks, go to this event and LEARN SOMETHING!

    Feel free to respond.

  2. Please attend the event to discuss, but if you can't make it, this is the film on YouTube:

    1. And this is "No Guns For Negroes"


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