Thursday, September 6, 2012

Do we make enough noise?

Basically I started writing this post around the time of the conclusion of the ward remap. Now it's time to bring back this idea.

Why was this about the ward remap? Well amongst the many people of this community there was a definite concern about what Alderman will represent the various neighborhoods of the 6th Ward. Would it be Alderman Sawyer, Ald. Michelle Harris or even Ald. Anthony Beale. That answer was given earlier this year and well we have an answer just unsure when it comes into effect.

Now we have other issues of concern especially crime and violence. This is certainly where we need to make some noise and insure not only more police patrols, but also keep the criminals from causing trouble in our neighborhood. The noise is to show how not to tolerate these incidents in our community.

Believe it or not, when I started this blog my goal had been to avoid the issues of crime in our community. It was never my intention to make our area out to be unsafe and sometimes Black neighborhoods get an unfortunate rap for that. In starting this blog the goal was to show that our communities aren't much different than those safer neighborhoods that are populated by different ethnicities. ;) ;)

Anyway, what can be do to make some noise? Ald. Sawyer stated during all the meetings for the ward remap is that he wanted to rebuild the Sixth Ward's Democratic organization. Certainly that's one way to make some noise, usage of the ballot box.

And certainly that's not the only way. Some communities have rallies and prayer vigils at the scenes of crime. Those are certainly ways to make some noise and show how we're not going to tolerate these incidents in our neighborhoods.

Of course after we make our noise, we need to talk solutions. In another post, I plan to show why we need to show solutions. Making noise does little good if we can't get a handle on the problem.

What say you?

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