Friday, September 7, 2012

When a news crew and an Alderman visits the site of a homicide...

[VIDEO] I was quite slow to post this story that Worlee linked to on our FB page. On August 24, 2012, there was a shooting on the 7800 block of Champlain and it cost the life of 19 year old Jamal Clayton. That next Monday, Alderman Sawyer arrived on that block with CBS Chicago cameras to offer assistance and was rebuked by the other young men on this block. One of those young men who spoke - off camera - claimed to be the brother of the victim and claimed this violent act was no one's business.

Anyway you should check out the comments over at 2nd City Cop in a post about the CBS Chicago story regarding Ald. Sawyer. Also recognize that the comments there can be quite ugly and they certainly have a bias against elected officials in Chicago. Eric Zorn also took on this subject on his Chicago Tribune blog. The comments there are also very interesting.

Another angle was mentioned by Zack Isaacs on the FB page noting that he's complained about how the community was portrayed in this story.

BTW, I'm sure there are many who are growling about the fact that Ald. Sawyer may have just been looking for publicity by bringing the media with him on that day. I will err on the side of caution and say that he was looking to help and bring attention to this area and the need to provide help to stop the violence.

All that can be said on this subject is that, if it had been me or anyone else who isn't a politician they would be as rejecting to us as they were to him. In fact, I'm sure this story isn't the only example where the youth turns away from the cameras in any attempt to seek answers or solutions regarding the violence.

Still, what can be done here?

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