Friday, January 11, 2013

Need a Hand? Technology Center Opens in Englewood - Chicago

The purpose of this posting is to highlight another resource you may not know about. It's essentially these days that we get ourselves computer literate or you may be left behind. Or in this article jobs may be on the line if you don't have ready access to a computer:
Christopher Erby credits a new technology center that opened in October with helping him find full-time employment at the nation's largest retailer-Walmart.

"I owe it all to to them. Now I am working and I love what I do at Walmart," said Erby, 20. "It's hard out here and when you do not have a lot of skills it's even harder. I'm glad someone other than my mother cared enough to help me find a job."

Erby, who began his new job in November, first learned about the Teamwork Englewood Community Technology Center, 815 W. 63rd St., from his mother who works as a security guard in the building. He lives with his mom in Englewood and do not have a computer to search for jobs.

"Now, when my benefits kick in next month I can get a computer with my discount," he added. "I was working part-time at this Family Dollar store (in Englewood) for two-weeks before Walmart offered me a full-time position. I hated working at the dollar store. I didn't see myself going anywhere there."

Going places is what Rosalind Moore, program manager for the center, aims to help do for everyone who walks through the center's doors.

"I grew up in Englewood and I am happy to be back doing what I love, and that's helping people," said Moore. "I get so tired of reading about all the negative things that occur in Englewood. This center is something positive and we are doing positive things here for the community."

Free services offered at the center include job readiness prep, technology classes, social service referrals, tutoring, ex-offender assistance such as GED preparation and expungment, and mentoring programs for boys and girls. The center is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
It's still a tough economy and job market out there. This is the time to find some resources and then utilize them so that you may be able to get ahead!

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