Sunday, March 3, 2013

Where is this blog's direction?

I had been considering bouncing off of Worlee's recent post over at Concerned Citizens of Chatham entitled "How well do we communicate Chatham". Then it leads me to the question having been considered here over time. That question being, where is this blog going?

The original vision was to have somewhat matched the activity of other neighborhood blogs around the city such as Uptown Update, Sloopin' or even The Broken Heart of Roger's Park. It certainly appears that we haven't quite gotten to that level of activity just yet.

I wondered if the people in our communities aren't quite open to using the various technologies available to talk about whats going on in our neck of the woods. If they're not doing it on this blog perhaps they're using FB or twitter. Still one wonders if there's a lack of comfort discussing neighborhood issues online.

And at that here's another thought, whether or not people in our communities know we exist. This has been a concern from the day this blog was started in 2007. It seems more people around the city know about our existence but how many people in the community knows about this blog?

For now the concern isn't about about matching Uptown Update's traffic which one year came to 3 million hits. We will continue to discuss the issues that affect our communities. And in the process show how engaged many of our neighbors are in this community.

BTW, Worlee noted that many of our neighborhood organizations utilize various means to communicate in a given area. Not only with blogs, websites, or even social networking sites but e-mail as well. We hope that with whatever method you may choose to use that there will continue to be vital information shared between neighbors!

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