Tuesday, May 28, 2013

When will they fix the slide at Ruggles Playground?

Tape only lasted a few days
The big red slide at the South Playground of Ruggles Elementary School has been broken since summer of last year -- at least 9 months!

Now that CPS has closed 50 schools, perhaps they could find the funds to repair the slide?

When I called 311 (again), I received the case number via text (from 311311). This number is  13-00586860.  Please call 311 and refer to that number, as well as calling Alderman Sawyer.

 The situation reminds me of the scene in the movie "The Campaign" with  and  , Unfortunately, I can't find a clip online that has a flashback to the characters, where a slide damaged almost as bad hurt Marty and inspired Cam to become a politician.   Let's hope the inspiring comes without injury to a child!
Mia shows the feelings of neighborhood kids in regards to the slide being damaged for at least 9 months

The tape was removed, but in worse shape and new graffiti

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