Sunday, May 26, 2013

VIDEO: The CTA Red Line Closure

[VIDEO] Guess who's back? Artistmac has a video about the Red Line South project that started last Sunday. He generally talks about the history of the many projects of the CTA L system where major repairs were necessary. I wonder how many of us thinks that the CTA engages in deferred maintenance on projects on this part of town. That's certainly what Artistmac thinks.

He would also state that on other lines which are considered very critical infrastructure on the northside and towards both airports they weren't shut down for one day although certain stretches were at various points in time. Check out the end of the video where he talked about the elevated structure over 18th Street where the Dan Ryan branch - which are currently used by the Midway Orange Line - connects so that trains could go onto the Loop L structure once had cracks in it. The cracks were only repaired when the Orange Line began service in 1993.

BTW, another issue he has. There is no bus service on 47th for the night owl customers. The buses that normally operate along the expressways the Wentworth & State buses stop operating after a certain time in addition to the 47th bus. He illustrations the point by driving along 47th Street from the Green Line L stop to the now closed station on the Red Line. He states that every stop on the Dan Ryan branch was covered except for 47th Street during the night owl period.

This is something I can related to because at time I may have to ride the train late at night from time to time. While thankfully my availability is where getting off work would still allow me to catch one of the express Dan Ryan Shuttles back home, I would be certainly up the creek if that timely service wasn't available. In fact,my concerned would be over how my longer it would be for me to commute back home from work late at night with hopes that it wouldn't take too long.

In any event, how has this project been for you? Any positive reports or anything you think the CTA has missed in it's planning since they announced this project last year?

ALSO, feel free to get into touch with CTA via social media as they can be reached via twitter @cta or the Red Line South Project twitter @redlinesouth. Also there is a FB page for CTA as well.

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