Saturday, May 25, 2013

What would you like to see happen around the Metra station on 95th/Cottage Grove?

This is more than appropriate given that now the Red Line is finally closed for repairs. One can only wonder how many more passengers this Metra Electric Station at 95th/Cottage Grove will get. Metra is already positioning themselves as an alternative to the alternatives provided by the CTA for those who are affected by the reconstruction of the Dan Ryan branch of the L.

If you regularly use this stop on the Metra Electric it's only a flag stop and a train will only stop there at designated times. The pictures below shows how busy this station is and it's safe to say not very. Alas what I neglected to depict were all the passengers who are boarding, getting off, or waiting for a bus. Sometimes it seems there are a lot of people who are here to wait for a bus whether they are going further east, south, west, or even north.

Of course this doesn't mean that this intersection doesn't deserve attention. Perhaps there should be more action on this corner than vacant buildings, vacant lot and a gas station. Let's also remember that there is a university nearby at Chicago State. This intersection could have more activity here.

The pic above is of a building that's adjacent to the entrance to the Metra station under the viaduct. Let's not forget that in winter 2012 this was the site of an armed robbery while some passengers were waiting for a train. If this building remains it would be a great idea if there was a way to allow for passengers to enter the station through this building instead of having to walk under this viaduct.
This is the northwest corner of 95th/Cottage and it contains a service station. It had been a vacant lot for many years and I'm not certain when this had been built but certainly it's progress. Also there is a food store inside in case you want grab a bite while you wait for a bus.

This is the northeast corner where a building that remains vacant is located. Surely a use could be found for this building especially for the commuters who utilize the bus stops at this intersection everyday. North of the building as you can see is a lot that remains vacant waiting for a developer to come up with a use for that property.

The photos below is from the 95th Metra platform. The first is looking towards the campus of Chicago State University and the other is looking towards the building at 95th Street.

In light of the robbery at that station last year there were many in the community who were seeking ways to make this area safer for commuters. The question here is what would you like to see happen here? Does this Metra station have the ability to generate more traffic to this area even after the reconstruction of the Dan Ryan branch is complete? Also could this station be an asset to the students at Chicago State University?

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