Friday, September 6, 2013

I-GO: Followup to Why Can't I-GO With I-GO

I received this email this morning

Join Us at One of the Next Community Meetings to Learn About iGo Car Sharing in the 6th Ward  Monday September 9, 2013 @ 6:30pmChatham Avalon Community CouncilUrban Partnership Bank7800 S. State Street Park Manor Neighbors The Glass House at St. Columbanus Catholic Church319 E. 71st Street Saturday September 21, 2013 @ 11:00amGreater Chatham AllianceSt. James Church80th Street and Michigan Avenue 

Tired of renting cars for the day 

when you only need it for a few hours?
Want the benefits of a hybrid car for short trips?

Representatives from iGo Car Sharing will be 
present at each meeting to discuss 
the benefits of car sharing and 
bringing an iGo location to the 6th Ward.  
Pick up handouts, ask questions, bring a friend.

Back in May, I questioned why the organization was not actively operating in our community Later the organization was sold to Enterprise Rent A Car. Enterprise operates a full service location in Chatham and that will probably be the location. They are operationg out the Quality Car Wash at 700 E 87th.


  1. Sorry, Mr. Glover, you can't take the credit for this one–– as you are trying to infer. GCA member JP Paulus and I, as GCA Corresponding Secretary, had this first discussion at either the March, or April, Greater Chatham Alliance (GCA) meeting. As I said before, it started out about Zipcar. I own properties in Bronzeville and read–– via community news outlets from that area–– that I-Go was about to shut down their site in that community for lack of usage. I immediately proposed to Alderman Sawyer to investigate that option too, along with Zipcar. And I sincerely mean no disrespect––but I don't follow your blog; so I didn't get the idea from you. I know you personally don't think much of community groups; but I can tell you that if you are looking for sharp minds, hardworking residents and dedicated volunteers aimed at improving our community, attend a GCA meeting. By the way, Avis purchased Zipcar: since Enterprise has always focused their marketing strategy on the urban niche, they probably saw a slump in sales as urban car renters saw more value in Zipcar (for those residents who don't know––gas and insurance are included in the Zipcar rental fee). So it only makes sense in a competitive, strategic move that they purchased I-Go and definitely put some sites in this ward. The local, Enterprise owners came to a GCA meeting to discuss their 87th street expansion earlier in the year. At that time, there was no mention of I-Go. So this new Enterprise corporate purchase will also help them ward off encroachment by Zipcar in our area. Also, I-Go probably wants input from our community for location sites. It wouldn't seem to make sense to cannibalize their current business by locating the I-Go cars there at the Enterprise office site. GCA will recommend locations like Urban Partnership Bank on State Street, in addition to Target on Cottage and Walmart on 83rd for example. By the way, let's not go toe-to-toe on this one. Talking is one thing, doing is another. And I don't feel like the stalk. Let's save that one for when General Russel Honore speaks at Chicago State's Community Emergency Conference on September 25th. You can come at me then!

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Leslie.

    I talked with Leslie in Spring, just prior to the Redline reconstruction. That seemed like an EXCELLENT opportunity to introduce more South Side locations. Those companies clearly missed out, somehow not seeing why people would consider a CTA alternative.

    Also, we talked about this issue for YEARS, such as May 2010, where I questioned their lack of presence back then.

    And 2008, Levois noted the beginning of a relationship between CTA & Zipcar/iGo.

  3. It's quite clear you don't follow my blogs. For the record, I had several one on one conversations with I-GO reps about the lack of locations in Chatham long before the May post as well as its been stated we(Bloggers) have had on going conversations about these services. Enough said.

    1. Mr. Glover, talk is cheap! I knew you were going to stalk and not let it go! You are not responsible for convincing I-Go to come to this community! Enough said! Again, I requested to Alderman Sawyer, on behalf of the Greater Chatham Alliance, to talk to Zipcar and I-Go. The Enterprise franchise owner on 87th street saw a big turn-out at the GCA community meeting, when they attended to get the group's input, early this year, on their new 87th street location. Residents at that meeting generated a lot of intelligent and insightful discourse as they spoke with that vendor. And by the way, it was about 75 people. With the combination of the Enterprise purchase of I-Go and our Alderman's inquiry, it created the momentum for a "Call to Action" by I-Go from the Enterprise franchise owner (87th St.) to make a decision to finally identify our area for I-Go sites. Talking means nothing if you can't execute, or put something into tangible motion. You don't believe community groups can impact change–– you have said it enough times on this site. You feel you are the only all-seeing eye that makes this community move and shake. I dispute that! The other bloggers on this site share information and opinion, but none of them make it an absolute like you!

  4. Me stalk you. This is my house. For the record,the Enterprise announcement was made at the CAPCC meeting before it was made at your meeting. Again, enough said. You can't get the last word here. Well, all the questions will be answered at the Park Manor Neighbors and Chatham Avalon Park Community Council meetings tomorrow 9/9/2013.


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