Thursday, September 5, 2013

Whole Foods coming to Englewood items

Vacant lot 63rd/Halsted by Sun-Times Media, Vincent D. Johnson

To start, here are a couple of articles from Crain's.

First a look at prices between Whole Foods Market, Jewel, Dominick's and Trader Joe's. The prices for the essentials many households would seek to buy.

Second we see some tweets regarding Whole Foods coming to Englewood. Not a lot of critical tweets although there are some critical comments we've seen about this development. Of course the main idea of that article is to elicit ideas as to where YOU might think Whole Foods should go next.

In fact if you want to see one critical comment you should check out Worlee's recent post here. He wonders if there are some political machinations here on Mayor Rahm Emanuel's part.

Speaking of criticism Chicago Tonight shows that not all Englewood residents are happy about the coming of Whole Foods. The term "gentrification" was mentioned by Englewood activists in this story!

I also knew that Joe Zekas of YoChicago would get into this act. He's also skeptical of whether or not this new development scheme would come to pass. I'm sure he's seen many over the years including the"urban renewal" of Englewood during the late 1960s.

Also from the Englewood Portal, there are mixed feelings about Whole Foods coming to Englewood. You see more mixed feelings in this article from the Sun-Times and in DNA Info that notes that there's already an Aldi's nearby the future Whole Foods Store. Of focus in the Sun-Times is the fact that the store got a $10 million subsidy from a TIF fund and the Mayor stated during his press conference that the TIF money is for site preparation.

Finally Economist magazine has also reported on this story making this point:
Commentators have observed that to expand this much the chain will have to go for a less picky demographic. It has moved into suburban areas with smaller stores and is offering more price promotions, discounts and its own range of products.
And of course as always your comments are welcome here, if you have anything to say about Whole Foods Market coming to Englewood.

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